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Travel back with us to the Victorian era to enjoy the psychic crime solving powers of Lady Wattle and her trusty manservant Daub in this fun packed murder mystery comedy show.

Just imagine a comedy murder mystery show where Clouseau meets Cluedo.
Join in this turn of the century whodunnit.
Guests will set the parameters of this heinous crime, deciding upon the name of a ghastly Murderer, a hapless Victim, and a most terrible Cause de Mortalite.
Our intrepid sleuths will then attempt to solve the mystery, with the help of the audience.

Interactive comedy show

Along the way you will meet Grandpa Albert, and you will witness the spirits playfully helping or hidingĀ the truth.
Then, guests will be lead down garden paths that might help with the solving, but wilmurder mysteryl often lead nowhere.
You will also experience clairvoyance, premonition, and marvel at the wonder of true transfrugence.
Lady Wattle is the worlds renowned authority on this ancient and little understood paranormal phenomenon.
Witness her amazing powers yourself. They really do have to be seen to be believed.
As the clues slowly emerge, will Lady Wattle and Daub will be successful in bringing to justice another criminal…or will they be hampered in their endeavours by visitors from the other side ?
This show contains magic, clairvoyance, a spirit cabinet, comedy, mystery, and many other elementsthat will whetWattle and Daub Comedy Show the palettes of all who witness it.
Suitable for corporate nights, large hotel dinner mysteries, or smaller immersive murder mystery party nights.
Guests who correctly predict the outcome win a bottle of Champagne for themselves or their table.
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