Murder mystery

The Wattle and Daub Murder Mystery Comedy Show is full of wonderment and marvellous magical happenings.

Our hapless detectives bring you magic, mystery and comedy in a unique stage type show which includes audience participation and dramatic effects to help solve a heinous crime.

Two Victorian sleuths, Lady Wattle and her manservant, Daub, set about solving a mystery that the audience present to them. ….. Using various magical and psychic means, glasses smash of their own accord, skulls smoke, the spirits are called upon, and slowly but surely the crime is solved, but in a rib tickling manner.

Think Cluedo meets Clouseau.

The show packs a massive punch, using the mediums of psychic entertainment and well crafted comedy to ensure your guests have an unforgettable evening.

Please note the theme is flexible, if you are booking for a specific type of event, this can be arranged.

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