Medieval comedy show rehearsals

Lady Wattle and Lord Daub, alias Olivia and Mike, seen here trying a brand new old illusion.

Wattle and Daub Illusion for comedy show

Lady Wattle is forced kicking and screaming into a set of medieval stocks, whilst Lord Daub gleefully hammers not 1, not 2, but 3…yes 3 solid and examined 18 inch spikes through her wrists, and neck.

The illusion is going into out workshop for painting and renovation, so when we bring it out at the first of out Summer shows, the crowd will believe its been transported straight from the 12th Century.

Now this illusion hardly ever goes wrong, if performed correctly…. so hopefully no physical damage will be inflicted on the gracious Lady Wattle…. but hang on a that a glint we see in Lord Daubs left eye… hmmm… perhaps he’s going slightly mad at his partners antics… better book the Wattle and Daub Medieval Comedy Show to make sure no foul play is done.

Use our contact page to follow the adventures of The Wattle and Daub Medieval Comedy Show Illusion That Hardly Ever Goes Wrong.

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