Murder Mystery Comedy Show

Perfect for Hotels, Corporate Evenings and Dinners, This Murder Mystery show will amaze your guests with magical and pyschic happenings

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Medieval Comedy Show

Designed for Medieval Banquets and Castle Fun Days, our medieval show is the perfect all round family entertainment. Also ideal for Schools.

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Wattle and Daub

With the creative minds and performance experience, Mike and Olivia are able to create an act to suit your theme. Contact them today

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Wattle and Daub Murder Mystery Comedy Show

The Wattle and Daub Murder Mystery Comedy Show is full of wonderment and marvellous magical happenings. Our hapless detectives bring you magic, mystery and comedy in a unique stage type show which includes audience participation and dramatic effects to help solve a heinous crime. Two Victorian sleuths, Lady Wattle and her manservant, Daub, set about

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